Found the Chevy Engine Codes

I had a bit of a problem lately getting to know about my Chevy engine codes and finally found some useful information on them. The place where the Chevy engine codes are located depends on the type of engine one is having.

The Chevy with a small block has it on the pad which can be found on the cylinder head on the side of passenger sitting. Generally this is available under the alternator.

For a Chevy with a big block it is available on the upper side of the cover of timing chain and for a six cylinder this is generally under the distributor of the block of the passenger side.

While the prefix gives good information about the assembly plant and the date of engine’s production the suffix gives information about the model year, the engine, the transmission and the car combination. There are a few other things like matching the suffix code found in the Chevy engine codes to the code of the plant where the engine was produced. This is generally available on their website or you can ask them.

Another important thing I found out about the Chevy engine codes is that once you get the problem codes we still have to look on the sensor circuit to check it manually. Again you can easily find what your exact codes give the problem to you by looking on their website. I was able to save quite a few bucks by just looking at the Chevy engine codes and diagnosing the problem myself as it had some minor sensor problem which I could fix myself thus saving me a costly trip to the dealer. Doing a bit of a research on the Chevy engine codes has been a life saver for me.

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