Sbc aluminum heads

Recently was in the need of changing my old worn out heads of my car and in them got new sbc aluminum heads. There has been a very good increase of power because of them and they also look very nice. The entire work on this heads is great so the overall result is that I am faster and the engine area looks much nicer now.

The total power gain because of these sbc aluminum heads is simply amazing. Earlier I was an iron head guy but changing to the sbc aluminum heads has been really great. These heads have lately become very cheap also probably because of all the imports from china and other places. However for those who are changing to the sbc aluminum heads for the first time I would personally recommend to get the specs right as some of my friends had gone a bit overboard with them cause a huge maintenance issue.

I myself have opted for the patriot heads as they have the correct chamber size and overall the quality of their work is also good and price is excellent. So as a last piece of advice for those going for sbc aluminum heads I would suggest looking up the specs and best of luck.

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